Potholes and Quality of Maintenance

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It is inevitable that the quality of the roads that you travel over will influence your personal standards. What goes and what not.

The same is of course true for other areas in life. Back in the days of the nuclear race it was called brainwashing. If you encounter something often enough it becomes acceptable.

Maintenance a growing business

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Maintenance is indeed one of the fastest growing businesses on the planet. The reason for this is very simple. As technology grows, it also brings about new ways in which failure occurs. And thus maintainers have to keep abreast of new ways to curb failure.

Unfortunately this simple fact is often not understood by the bosses. Artisans are thus not sent for retraining when new technology is introduced. This, amongst others, leads to the present lack of properly skilled maintenance workers in the market.

Maintenance in distress

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We are living in a technology driven world. Most things that we do use technology. Our homes are full of it, not to speak of our workplaces. We need cars, phones, televisions, and stoves to mention a few of the most basic. And then we get to computers, fax machines, printers, copiers. Not to speak of the iPods, portable MP3 players, DVD's, and so one could go on....

And it goes without saying that most production processes are driven by technology. The point here is that all this technology must be maintained. By people who are trained to do such maintenance. And this is our problem, the point of distress of maintenance. We do not get the quality of people anymore, and the training is getting poorer and poorer.