Managing Director of M-Tech Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, a company with as main aim to play a fundamental role in improving the level of Maintenance Practice in South Africa.

As such it is instrumental in formalising maintenance management theory and imparting that knowledge to Maintenance Practitioners. The drive behind this is one of helping maintenance organisations to help themselves. Following from this objective, the main activity of the organisation is Maintenance Training, with a lesser accent on Maintenance Consulting.

As from 2003 the company moved its training to the Terotechnica Maintenance College, a subsidiary organisation of M-Tech.

Specific attention is given to developing a position in the market and redeveloping and presenting a number of maintenance courses, listed below.

Comprehensive Courses

  1. Asset Management for Artisans
  2. Asset Management for Maintenance Supervisors
  3. Maintenance Planning
  4. Advanced Maintenance Planning
  5. Maintenance Shutdown and Project Management
  6. Reliability Engineering in Asset Management
  7. Maintenance Practice for Asset Management Engineers
  8. Leadership in Asset Management
  9. RCM Facilitation and Analysis

Short Courses

  1. Reliability Centred Maintenance
  2. Asset Management for Executives
  3. Root Cause Failure Analysis
  4. Decision Making in Maintenance
  5. Maintenance Control
  6. Asset Management Logistics
  7. Water Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance
  8. Road Maintenance
  9. Assets: Economical Replacement and Life Cycle Management
  10. What is Asset Management and how does it differ from
  11. Understanding ISO 55000
  12. Implementing ISO 55000

The Terotechnica Maintenance College is accredited with Merseta.

Specific attention was given to developing a relationship with the University of Johannesburg (RAU), which lead to an Internet based multi-modal Masters degree in Maintenance Engineering being presented under Dr Coetzee’s leadership from 2001.