Senior Lecturer in Maintenance Engineering at the University of Pretoria, as well as director of M-Tech Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd. The teaching post was accomodated in a Chair for Maintenance Engineering. 

 Work done during this period includes:

  1. The introduction of an undergraduate course in Maintenance Engineering.
  2. The introduction of post graduate broadening course in Maintenance Engineering. This course is presented to practicing maintenance engineers.
  3. The introduction of a full post graduate Masters degree specialisation in Maintenance Engineering within the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.
  4. A project to increase the effectiveness of the Maintenance Information systems of a large open cast coal mine. Several successes have been achieved including establishing an integrated maintenance performance measurement process, a change from operating style management to systems driven management and a general improvement in the level of maintenance operation.
  5. Two projects to develop maintenance policies for industrial organisations, one in open cast mining and the other one in the supply of specialised vehicles.
  6. A life cost and failure behaviour study of the shells of three basic oxygen furnaces at a large steel manufacturer. The objective was to determine the optimum replacement life of the shell, as well as to advise on the best maintenance strategy for these units.
  7. Regular (annual) presentation of four short courses (two days in duration each) in Maintenance Engineering:
    • Introduction to Maintenance Engineering
    • Quantitative Techniques in Maintenance
    • Maintenance Performance Measurement
    • Successful Maintenance Systems
  8. Co-presentation of the course (3 days) “Effective Maintenance through Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)” (with Prof. Krige Visser of Engineering Management) in March 1997.
  9. Arrangement of three days conference “World Trends in Maintenance” with leading international academics as speakers in Maintenance Engineering in August 1997 and again in August 1999.
  10. Co-operation with Prof Andrew Jardine of the University of Toronto in the presentation of his course "Maintenance Decision Making".