Director of M-Tech Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, a company that does mechanical and industrial engineering consultation. 

Work done during this period includes:

  1. The installation of a computerised maintenance information system at a major colliery. This work included the following functional areas:
    • procurement of spares
    • condition monitoring
    • maintenance documentation
    • fault diagnosis
    • maintenance supervision
    • backlog management
    • artisan time utilisation
    • maintenance facilities
    • fault cause removal
    • reliability centred maintenance analysis
    • workorder definition
    • managing sub unit lives
    • guarantee handling
  2. A project definition phase design of a Maintenance Information System for a large industrial complex. This included the following deliverables:
    • summary of business objectives
    • summary of business functions
    • summary of information needs
    • conceptual design
    • project data model
    • interface memorandum
    • risk memorandum
    • installation work plan
  3. The design, project management and installation of a computerised production monitoring system at a large wire mill. This included the procurement of all hardware, the design and writing of all software and the final installation and testing of the system. The system supplies vital management information on a daily basis. This system was a pilot scale design study to investigate the possibility of automating the whole plant in a similar fashion.
  4. A simulation study into the various options for the transport of ore on surface at a large mining complex. The complex consists of 13 mine shafts that are connected to a central ore beneficiation plant via a rail network. M-Tech was commissioned to do a simulation study to enable the management of the complex to do long term planning. Decisions that had to be taken during the planning process included shaft and additional plant location decisions as well as rail network design. The simulation work was done in a commercially available simulation language SLAM.
  5. The development of a custom built simulation system to handle the above-mentioned problem. The system is fully commercialised and can handle any similar simulation problem. The simulation process is handled using 13 multifaceted matrices and 2 history files. Customised reports are available for each simulation run to facilitate comparisons between different rail configurations.
  6. The development of a second simulation system to simulate the transport of ore in a deep underground gold mine. The mine group, for whom the system was developed, had to take decisions concerning the possibility of deeper mining activity without sinking new shafts. This has the effect of increasing the load on the transport system, which had to be investigated.
  7. Two projects relating to the use of heat pumps as viable alternative for resistance and other types of heating. One of these comprises a market survey and techno-economical evaluation of heat pumps as an alternative heating method, while the other is a study of the effect of heat pumps on domestic power consumption. These projects were undertaken for the National Energy Council.