Why do I do what I do?

The short answer is: because I have a passion for the Asset Management field, for the wellness of the organisations engaged in Asset Management, and the people toiling to make them successful.

For those who are interested, I want to shortly elaborate on the drivers of my contribution in the Asset Management field.

I am an engineer, and thus a builder. Although I started by an intense interest in Mechanical and Electronic Systems, the fact that I worked in Maintenance made me migrate to two main topics of interest: Failure Modelling and Organisational Development. I suppose it turns out that I am somewhat of a generalist, who am intensely interested in the wholistic modelling of the Maintenance Function, but with very specific interests in certain depth research topics. 

This explains why at the University of Pretoria I lecture in topics as diverse as Reliability Engineering, Maintenance Practice, and Maintenance Logistics. It also accounts for the fact that my two textbooks are named "Maintenance" (a wide discussion of the various topics that a Maintenance Engineer should master) and "RCM ProAktiv: A proactive approach to Reliability Centered Maintenance - a complete view" (a wide view of the method, with a number of very important improvements that makes the outcome of using the "upgraded" method considerably more proactive than that of its original root).

My passions in the field are twofold. The first is to assist Asset Management organisations to function well in the holistic sense, so that excellent outcomes are achieved. The second is assisting people involved in the Asset Management World to become the best they can be. These two passions are certainly not mutually exclusive, as the second is a necessary precondition for the first. One can never achieve an excellent Asset Management organisation without the people of that organisation being well developed regarding their roles in achieving such excellence.


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