Edgar Bradley: Four stars for the textbook Maintenance

Jasper's book on maintenance is unique for the following reasons:

1. He links modern maintenance practice to its foundation: reliability theory.

2. He points out that Nowlan And Heap's original analysis of items that respond to scheduled maintenance is in all probability wrong - The percentage of items that respond to scheduled maintenance, even on the aircraft they studied, is probably greater than the 11% the claim. This is probably because they applied Weibull analysis to maintained systems, which often gives the wrong result of apparent random failure. What is surprising is that many books on maintenance continue to report the 11% figure as gospel, even though subsequent studies often have shown that the figure should be higher.

3. Jasper's book also includes Laplace Analysis as originally suggested by Ascher and Feingold as the correct technique to apply in the case of maintained systems. Other books on maintenance that I have reviewed, and they are many, as the review is part of a doctoral thesis, ignore the 1980's work of Asher and Feingold, even in the 21st century.

I can therefore recommend Jasper's book for its integrity - some other authors in this area just regurgitate previous writer's mistakes!


Edgar Bradley